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RK Advocates | Legal Consultants offers top-tier corporate legal services, providing expert advice and assistance to businesses in Dubai and across the UAE. With a focus on formation, establishment, and corporate governance, our firm is committed to delivering tailored solutions and practical guidance to investors and businesses.

Key Services:

Company Formation and Establishment: We provide comprehensive legal advice and assistance regarding the formation and establishment of companies, branches, representative offices, and agency offices across the UAE. Our services cover both mainland and free zones in all Emirates.

Local Sponsor Arrangements: Our team assists clients in navigating local sponsor arrangements, ensuring compliance with UAE regulations and facilitating smooth business operations.

Tailored Solutions: We offer personalized, one-to-one service to each client, delivering tailor-made solutions to address their specific legal needs and business objectives.

Risk Analysis: We provide transparent advice to clients and conduct thorough risk analysis to identify potential legal and business risks, enabling them to make informed decisions.

RK Advocates | Legal Consultants prides itself on having the most experienced and knowledgeable corporate lawyers in the UAE. Our team is well-equipped to handle various corporate matters, including mergers, acquisitions, shareholder agreements, group reorganizations, contracts, and more.

Additional Services:

Dispute Resolution: Our firm assists clients in resolving corporate disputes, including breach of contract, shareholder/partnership disputes, employee/employer lawsuits, consumer fraud, accusations of fraud, and real estate conflicts.

Mergers and Acquisitions: We provide legal support for mergers, acquisitions, group reorganizations, and corporate finance transactions, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and protecting our clients' interests.

At RK Advocates | Legal Consultants, our goal is to provide unparalleled legal assistance and support to businesses, helping them navigate the complex landscape of corporate law in Dubai and beyond. Whether you need advice on corporate governance, assistance with transactions, or representation in disputes, our team of corporate lawyers is here to serve you with professionalism and expertise.

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